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We pay top dollar and make sure you are not disappointed. Cash for vehicles, servicing the Durham and surrounding areas. Get cash for your old and scrap cars, on the spot! We will take your scrap car and remove it quickly!

Junk/Scrap Cars

Accident Vehicles/Insurance Write-offs

Abandoned Vehicles

Retired Commercial Vehicles

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Scrap Car Removal Toronto

Why keep your old car that does not run?

The best in the business, we are ready for your call. We will buy any vehicles, makes, models and conditions. Our process is simple, fast and we make everyone happy. We have a large Toronto scrap car recycling program where we keep all cars picked up and work with you to get the best price for your unused/old vehicle.

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Is your vehicle over 10 years old?


Will your vehicle cost you more to repair than it is worth?


Is your vehicle currently disabled?


Is your vehicle over 10 years old and accumulated more than 240000 Kilometers ?


Will your vehicle not pass local safety certification?


Will your vehicle fail to meet local emissions test?


Has your vehicle been parked for over 6 months without being used?


Purchased a new vehicle and have no parking space available for your old vehicle?


Has your vehicle begun to develop rust spots/holes?

Looking To Get Rid Of Your Old or Used Vehicle?

We are ready to take it off your hands! That's right, we are just a phone call away and no longer do you have to deal with the headache. Get paid in cash

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Scrap Car Removal Toronto

We help service the Durham and Surrounding Areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

We make sure that you are in good hands when you work directly with us. Carman Automotive works hard to get you the best value for your vehicle. Whether old, run down or a good condition used car.

Is This A Long Process?

No! In fact it is very simple and quick. Get your quote, call for pick up and get paid cash. No hidden fees, short waiting periods and we come to you.

What Are Your Hours?

We work Monday - Saturday from 8am - 9pm. We do also offer Sunday pick up by appointment if requested.

Why Give My Old Car To You?

We pay top dollar for your old vehicle. If you are never going to use it again, why hold on to it when you can get paid?

Can I Drop My Vehicle Off To You?

Yes! However we do ask you call ahead so we know that we will be expecting you and your vehicle. Remember that we do a pick up service to save you hassle.

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We are here to help with your used or old vehicle. We are just a call or email away!

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Scrap Car Removal Toronto

Call or Email if you need your car recycled. We offer same day pick up and cold hard cash for your vehicle. (Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sunday by Appointment)

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415 Mckenzie Ave Unit I, Ajax, ON. L1S 2G2

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